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NCS program "Change your mind...Create new results"

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Especially in times of great change, we quickly find ourselves in survival mode. We feel insecurity, frustration or fear, commonly known as stress. Our brain and body are tuned to danger defense and risk minimization. In this state, we run on „auto-pilot“ and fall back on experiences we have already made, thus acting from the past. To enable positive and conscious change, we need to shift our focus from surviving to shaping our future.

So if you want to align yourself with a new, professional future or enable organizational transformation more effectively, this interactive course (2 days or 3 half-day modules) will provide you with the fundamentals necessary to do so. These are based on the latest neuroscientific findings and the principles and research of Dr. Joe Dispenza. New information can lead to new decisions. And so understanding how the human brain works and the resulting behavior enables people, teams and entire organizations to meet the challenges of our time. To do this, we provide neuro-based knowledge, models, and tools that help facilitate positive change and lead yourself and others more effectively.

Who is the NCS program suitable for?

Regardless of one’s role in professional life, be it as an employee, employer, self-employed person or entrepreneur – the NCS program is suitable for everyone who wants to achieve sustainable change. And so, using the neuro-based tools, participants will address their individual challenges and desires for change as part of the training. New thoughts lead to new actions and thus enable sustainable changes.

Scope of offering

  • 3 half-day workshop modules or 2 workshop days (late start / early end)
  • All training materials such as workbook, journal for everyday integration, audio files for personal use
  • 1:1 Coaching session to rethink challenging personal situations
  • Follow-up workshop (3h) after completion of the daily integration phase for exchange, deepening and Q&A
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Questions that will be answered during NCS training

  • What is change? What is happening inside of me? How can I use the knowledge to keep bringing change into my life?
  • How can I overcome the things that prevent me from changing (habits, environment, and experiences I’ve had)?
  • What happens if I react to the change with stress? How do I manage to leave this behind and always get back into a constructive creation mode?
  • How can I use knowledge about the different areas of my own brain to move from thinking to doing, and thus establish constructive habits over time?
  • How can I use knowledge about the different brainwaves to anchor desires for change more deeply within myself?
  • To what do I want to align myself with on a daily basis so that I don’t act out of past experiences and habits (i.e., autopilot)?
  • How do I manage to consciously apply the desired change over a longer period of time in order to get myself used to a new habit?

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